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How to Earn Money Online In Nepal, India

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Hello Friends today i am going share with you a very easy way to earn money online specially in Nepal and India .This is an step by step guide towards earning online with the help of easiest possible way.

Requirements :

You will need a blog , Writing skill , Good contents .

How to open a blog ?

It’s easy and of course free.(You can get paid blog as well )

1.Visit http://www.blogspot.com

2.Sign Up For free or use your existing google account.

3.Click “Creat New Blog” and follow the specified steps.

Now I have created a blog , what to do next ?

Fill the blog with good contents . post some new info’s or what’s ever you think that people would like to see.Remember this is the most vital Step,this will determine your success.If you have good contents you will get more traffic and more traffic means more money.

OK then

1.Visit This Website: Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

2.sign up for a new account as a publisher

3.Submit your blog

4.Get an ad code which is HTML format

5.Copy the code

6.Now visit to your blog again and paste the code Under HTML tab of new post.

Now it’s all done. Just visit your to your bidvertiser account daily and check the balance.

If you face any problem just comment here , i will assist you.

Happy earning.

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